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Automate all healthtech compliance processes with Squirrel™. We help you focus on what truly matters-getting your healthtech innovation to the people who need it most.

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Achieve DTAC Compliance with Our AI Powered Platform and Expert Support

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Clinical Safety

Clinical Safety Risk Management System

DCB0129 compliance

DCB0160 compliance

​Hazard logs and Safety cases

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Data Protection

NHS DSPT Toolkit

Data Privacy Impact assessment

Data Hosting

DPO as a Service

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Technical Security

​Cyber Essentials

Pen Testing

  Secure Development

Vulnerability Scanning


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API Standards

EPR / EHR / EMR connectivity

​GP Practice connectivity

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Usability & Accessibility

WCAG 2.1 AA compliance

Accessibility statement

NHS Digital Service Manual alignment

​Clinical and Patient adoption

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Meet the DTAC Squirrel™

Reduce compliance costs and accelerate your time to market with the only automated platform built from the ground up for DTAC. Powered by AI, backed by experts.

Get NHS ready 10x faster 

The DTAC Squirrel™is the fastest and most cost-effective way to automatically generate the gold standard evidence you need to win NHS business.


Expert support every step of the way

Once the DTAC Squirrel™has worked its magic, our experts step in to validate your evidence, train up your team, and assure your compliance with the industry's only DTAC warranty. This means you’ll sail through NHS compliance checks, generating the trust required to commercialise your innovation.

100% coverage of DTAC domains

From Clinical Safety, to NHS DSPT, from Cyber Essentials to Interoperability strategy, the Squirrel™ automated compliance platform has you covered. And once you’ve navigated DTAC, we can support with procurement framework access, international standards such as HIPAA, ISO 27001, ISO 82304-2 and more.

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See how the DTAC Squirrel™ can get you DTAC compliant at the speed of light.

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Join the world's leading healthtech innovators who choose Acorn Compliance.

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"It was great to work with Acorn Compliance. They were able to deliver our scope of work to time and fitted into the team seamlessly. I could not recommend them any more and we will be certainly using them for more projects."

Krishan Ramdoo
CEO - Tympa Health Technologies Ltd


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"With a professional, reliable and extremely efficient approach, Acorn Compliance have assisted us in navigating the complex and heavily regulated healthcare market, to ensure DocComs attained all the required regulatory compliance and was accessible to purchase for the NHS."

Roseanna Jaggard
CEO, DocComs

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