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DTAC Squirrel Automated Compliance Platform will guide you through the entire DTAC process. It will onboard you, create your base compliance artefacts, and assist you with DTAC questions that go way beyond just the NHS DTAC document.

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Compliance at the Speed of Light.

We work with amazing healthtech innovators every day, and we know that DTAC can seem complex and overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put our 100+ years of combined healthtech expertise into Squirrel - a friendly, trained AI that will seamlessly guide you through the entire DTAC process and beyond.

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 Stay on top of tasks required to remain compliant with our real-time alerting system and task management system.


Get full access to our automated compliance platform.

Automated compliance and Squirrel will help you understand what you need to do and when you need to do it to achieve compliance, and even more importantly, stay compliant.

Experience the world’s first AI platform built from the ground up, specifically for DTAC.

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DTAC Squirrel 

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DTAC Squirrel™

Monthly Plans

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£370 / month

  •  Full access to our automated compliance platform
  • Coverage across the entire NHS DTAC  framework including DCB 0129 advice
  • AI DTAC coach to guide your DTAC journey
  • Validation of your DTAC evidence by our expert team
  • Seamlessly share your DTAC evidence with the NHS
  • Real time compliance notifications and alerts to keep you on track
  • Expert guided support to introduce a culture of compliance into your organisation
  • The industry’s only DTAC warranty with our recognised seal of compliance
  • Answer to your queries and support at every step via Squirrel and Live Chat


£570 / month

 Everything in the STANDARD package 


  • An assessment of the medical device status of your innovation
  • Enhanced Clinical Safety templates
  • On demand clinical safety guidance via live chat to help you complete
    the core clinical safety documents required under DCB0129: 
    Clinical Risk Management System, Clinical Safety Hazard Log, Clinical Safety Case Report and Clinical Risk Management Plan.

*Please note that with this plan you will still require
a Clinical Safety Officer (CSO). We can provide A CSO as an additional service if you don’t already have an in-house CSO. Alternatively, you can get opt for Squirrel Pro, which includes 12 months of CSO-as-a-Service.



£970 / month

 Everything in the PLUS package 


  • A named Clinical Safety Officer will be assigned to you for the duration of your Squirrel contract (CSO as a Service)
  • A full hazard assessment workshop to allow completion of risk scoring for your digital health IT product
  • Full completion of all of your DCB 0129 documentation








ALL Packages include a monthly masterclass with Michael Bell, healthtech compliance expert and a special guest.

With every package you have the option to purchase add on services as needed:

- Pen testing

- Accessibility

- Interoperability

And many more... 

Talk to us and find out how the DTAC Squirrelcan help you transform your compliance journey!

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