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Who We Are


Compliance exists to help healthtech companies navigate the journey to a compliance culture, bringing safe, effective care to patients faster.

We envisage a world where healthtech solutions are safe, accessible and interoperable and thus able to bring a long-lasting improvement in the lives of many. 

And we work to bring this vision into reality by offering customised support for healthtech companies to achieve and maintain compliance success.

Wherever you are on your DTAC journey we can help.

Talk to us to find out more about how we can work together!

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Our Team

Michael Bell

Co-founder and CTO

25+ years of experience in the technology industry and healthtech startup. Worked with NHSX, NHS and various healthcare and healthtech providers. Michael specialises in Data Governance, Information security and Interoperability.

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Roxana Valea

Co-founder and COO

25+ years of experience as a management consultant for performance improvement and technology projects. Worked for leading technology Innovators (Apple, eBay and Sony). Roxana is a passionate entrepreneur having founded 3 startups.

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Reb Neiman

Head of Marketing

Marketing and fundraising specialist with 5+ years of experience helping startups with marketing and social media initiatives.

Rebecca Wilson

Clinical Safety

Senior Digital Clinical Safety Officer experienced in clinical safety standards. Senior Pharmacy Technician registered with the GPHC for over 13 years.

Paul Littlebury

 Accessibility Specialist 

Quality Assurance specialist with 20+ years experience in test engineering, DevOps, exploratory testing, test management and quality assurance.

 Leon Stein

 Compliance Analyst 

A keen medical scientist with a passion for technology, Leon loves working with new projects pushing the boundaries of medicine.

Ethan Chikowore

Compliance Analyst

ISO27001 Certified Compliance Analyst with a background in IP rights, Ethan supports companies with achieving ISO compliance.

Lucy Bell

Compliance Assistant

Bright and hardworking, Lucy loves learning and developing her understanding of the digital health space while also continuing her studies. 

Nafisa Islam

Compliance Intern

Final year medical student who is passionate about medical innovation, improving patient care and supporting clinicians. 

Anika Noor

Compliance Intern

Third-year medical student with a focus on medical technology and interested in advancing medical practices and education.

Advisors and Partners

Brendan Sherry


After a career of 35 years in Global Technology including 10 years as a Senior Director with Apple, Brendan is now passionate about mentoring and investing in technology startups. 


Ahmed Soliman

Business Development

A seasoned digital and growth leader with experience in managing technology, innovation,  business transformation engagements, and new business acquisitions.  


Our Value Proposition

DTAC is a minimum and living safety standard for the NHS market. For a company to be able to sell its products to the NHS it needs to get DTAC compliant first.

The earlier you start working towards compliance the better. Neglecting this domain leads to what we call compliance debt, which is costly to remedy later on.

We help healthtech be a better and safer space by ensuring healthtech products are deployed and used in a safe way.

We demystify, unpick, and simplify compliance for healthtech companies. We help you achieve and maintain compliance across all DTAC domains:

  • Clinical safety
  • Data protection
  • Cyber Security
  • Interoperability
  • Usability and accessibility

To us, DTAC is not just a tick box - we help startups get compliant and stay compliant by installing a culture of compliance.

Our expertise in interoperability, clinical safety, cyber security and data protection allows us to offer a unique integrated compliance service.

We are much more than a compliance partner. We can get involved in product development aspects and provide valuable advice and feedback on how to incorporate compliance requirements early on.

Value Associates Limited, Trading as Acorn Compliance is a company registered in England & Wales (Registration Number: 5770395)

Registered Office: 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR

Call Us: +44 203 4684418