What is DTAC?
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What is DTAC?

A guide to The Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC)

The national baseline criteria for digital health technologies entering the NHS

When new technologies enter the NHS, it is important to ensure they are safe, interoperable and address a tangible issue that our healthcare service is facing. Up until now, there has been no clear direction on how to buy and build good digital health technologies for innovators and those making buying and commissioning decisions.

That is why DTAC was created, as an assessment criteria to bring together legislation and good practice on meeting clinical safety, data protection, technical security and accessibility standards. By being DTAC compliant, staff, patients and citizens have confidence in the digital health tools they are using.

What products need to be assessed by DTAC?

All new digital technology being developed, even through the trialling and piloting stages.

If an innovator is developing multiple products, each needs to be independently assessed.

Examples include: staff and patient facing digital tech, apps, systems, web based portals, and more.

What does DTAC assess?

The are 5 core areas within DTAC, sections 1 to 4 are assessed together, with a separate conformity rating that is used to score usability and accessibility.

  • Clinical safety
  • Data Protection
  • Technical assurance Interoperability
  • Usability and accessibility

Where and when is DTAC used?

DTAC is assessed by buyers of digital health technologies. This could be NHS health and social care trusts and organisations.

The new technologies should be assessed against DTAC criteria as part of each new procurement process or contract renewal.

For innovators and tech developers, DTAC can be used to ensure their products meet the NHS minimum standards, and prepare for assessment.

Existing products do not need to be retrospectively assessed, however, they will need to be DTAC compliant at the point of contract renewal or if commissioned by a different organisation.

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Where to start with the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC)?

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